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South Rock Buzz is the source for ALL of the South Surrey White Rock BC events. We want to provide one destination for everything that’s happening in our community making it easy for you to plan your week and support our awesome community events.

Have an event you want featured, let us know about it on Facebook or Instagram, or send us an email to jenny@baysidesocial.com.

The South Surrey White Rock BC community hosts hundreds of fun, entertaining, family friendly events every year and the South Rock Buzz events page is your online source for all of these events.

To locals we want to make sure you never miss an event in the community again and to know about every event that’s taking place. Whether you’re looking for family friendly entertainment or something 19+ you will find it here on South Rock Buzz.

To event organizers we want to build awareness of your event to help make it a huge success! We appreciate all of the time and effort you put into organizing your events and we want to make sure you continue to host them. Be sure to let us know what South Surrey White Rock event you are hosting and we will get it added to our event listings. Reach out to us on Facebook, Instagram or send an email to jenny@baysidesocial.com.

No event is too big or too small to be featured. Whether it’s live music taking place in a South Surrey White Rock restaurant or bar, a fundraising event for a great local charity or one of our marquee events which keep our community on the map you will find it here on the South Rock Buzz events page.

From the Legion of Sound indie rock shows coming to our community to A Pallette of Fun Paint Party nights helping even the most novice artist create a masterpiece there are lots of great things happening in South Rock year round.

If you’re new to the neighbourhood you may not know that South Surrey White Rock BC is home to a number of annual marquee events which help put our community on the map. This includes the Canada Cup Women’s International Softball Championships at Softball City to the White Rock Beach Canada Day celebration on July 1st to the annual Sea Festival taking place on August long weekend. Never miss one of our communities events again with the South Rock Buzz Events page.